Let’s Connect

Given my demanding roles as a law school student and professional, I try as much as possible to dedicate the time left over to actually writing and the writing services I offer.

(See Neal Stephenson’s essay, “Why I’m a Bad Correspondent”, for some more justifications regarding this minimalist approach.)

Below are the communication types I am open to receiving at the current time…

Interesting Links

One of the things I love about blogging is that my readers send me links to articles, books, interviews, etc., they think might interest me, given the topics I write about. This is where I find a lot of my best material. Please keep these coming!

Note: I really appreciate these pointers, but due to time constraints, I’m usually not able to respond. If I talk about your topic you recommend, though, make sure to comment and shout yourself out for putting it on my radar!

Writing Services

Current service offerings are ghostwriting and editing services.

Interview/Media Requests

Requests for radio, print, and podcast interviews, as well as quote requests or related media inquiries.

Speaking Engagements

Requests for booking me as a speaker at an upcoming event.