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Those looking to hire a ghostwriter know full well that not just any author will do. A ghostwriter must be organized, efficient, dependable, and understand the basic foundations of what makes a book successful. Most importantly, a ghostwriter must understand you as the author and the story you want to tell.

CAL Lewis embodies all these qualities. He engages collaboratively with his clients to ensure that their ideas are what ultimately makes it on the page, their stories get told how they want, and that the resulting book can be something on which they’re proud to call their own and attain the distinguished status of Author.

Anyone wondering where to find a ghostwriter who can take a book from concept to final product in a way that delivers on high expectations need look no further than CAL.

Ghost Authorship Through an Organized Process to Create a Successful Interpretation of Your Vision
To ensure his clients get exactly what they want when they hire a ghostwriter, CAL has developed a process based in book collaboration. This multi-step process invites regular client feedback and leads to stellar results. It also creates a high level of accountability and transparency during the entire creation of the book.

CAL offers two packages for ghostwriting:
1. Popular Package (best option for authors already with a publisher, or seeking a book deal):
2. Indie Package (best option for the indie-publishing author who wants the whole book process taken care of from concept to book production):


Upon engagement, CAL will collaborate with you to identify and develop the central concept behind your book. He will work to bring out the essential themes, purpose, and takeaway messages you wish to communicate to your audience. These big ideas form the basis of your book’s overall structure and organization. The client has the opportunity to review the book’s planning documents and the anticipated structure. CAL will solicit feedback to ensure that the projected path of the book so far captures its author’s main ideas and satisfies their original vision.

Content Creation With Author Input

Once early content and structure have been approved, CAL will start creating the book content on a more detailed level. Afterward, he will layout each chapter and begin crafting their content one at a time. Content is based upon the client’s own materials and sources, including direct interviews with them. CAL also conducts research and interviews with third parties to make the manuscript authoritative, persuasive, and up to the high standards of modern publishing houses.


A well-formatted and designed book is critical to your success as an author. Even though your manuscript is good, it may not get the attention it deserves without professional formatting. CAL will help you provide the best possible reading experience for your book’s audience. He will work with your input and create a layout to match the theme and message of your book. This includes the front and back matter. CAL professionally lays it out, so your book looks like other bestsellers. CAL will also make sure you include a section thanking your mother, family, friends, and other loved ones who are proud of your new Author status.

Copyediting & Manuscript Draft

After the manuscript content receives final approval, CAL will conduct a thorough copyedit of each and every page. Copyediting ensures that the content is consistent, factual, mechanically correct, and tonally in line with the client’s original vision. By the end of the copyediting process, the manuscript will be flawless. To conclude, he will conduct a final review, soliciting detailed feedback and making any additional changes as necessary. This stage completes the process of creating a highly polished manuscript ready for submission to publishers. Thanks to CAL’s process, your book can achieve a high caliber of quality and audience enjoyability on par with the nation’s best sellers.

Book Cover Creation

Your book cover is one of the most important aspects of marketing your book. Many customers decide if they’ll buy a book based on the cover. With CAL, you’ll get a professional book cover designer who will take the time to understand your vision and help it come to life. If you don’t have a prior idea in mind, don’t worry, CAL can help you come up with an idea for a cover to fit your audience. This also includes hi-resolution book cover images to use on your website, social media platforms, and media kit. Your book cover will be a visual masterpiece by the time it is complete.

Media Kit

The point of a media kit is to catch the eye of a journalist and make them want to write an article or do an interview about you and your book. It should be a one-stop shop for all of the information they need. CAL crafts well-designed, information-rich, media kits to interest and excite journalists to feature you and your book in their publication. This is a must-have for serious authors interested in getting publicity for their new book.


Distributing your book is an important part of the book selling process. If a reader can’t find your book to purchase, they can’t read it. CAL’s distribution services will setup and allow your book to be available to millions of customers around the world. You can reach readers all over the United States, and also in countries such as Canada, England/UK, Mexico, France, Germany, Brazil, India, and others.

With CAL’s ghostwriting services, you always have the time and talent to create the books you’ve been dreaming about. Ghostwriting is CAL’s primary service. He focuses on this service to bring you the best, most complete offering available in the marketplace. It is a great fit for first-time authors and busy professionals who have a compelling story or idea but lack the time and other resources to bring it to life. CAL can also help professional speakers adapt their presentations into an engaging and highly appealing book form.


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