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Ramses hated growing up in his Atlanta neighborhood, so he found a way out, college. Now he has to provide for his pregnant girlfriend, Anita, and their first child on the way. But college won’t get Anita and Ramses out of the neighborhood before their baby is born, so he turns to crime to speed up the relocation. With the assistance of the boss of a Mexican cartel, his circumstances change for the better. But just as he thinks he is out, new dangers arise threatening to pull him and his family back to the ghetto he is fighting to escape. Desperate times may call for desperate measures, and Ramses must decide which is more important, money or family.



Maxed Out Reviews

This is a fantastic book considering Cal Lewis is a young new author. I will definitely purchase the next book in this series.

Khaleed Alston

This book exceeded expectations. Can’t wait for whatever is up next. Excellent writer that was able to captor real life and put it in a book.

Glenwood Ross

I learned some things in this book. Great engaging novel I highly recommend this book, you will be surprised! Read it for the culture.

Kish Durham